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Participating in La Ruta de La Tapa Authentic Italian Eggplant Parmigiana   Paradise cafe and ice cream shop.  

Participating in La Ruta de La Tapa Cherry Tower Top La Venezia       Ice Cream shop in the old town.

Cafe, Bakery and Ice cream Shop in San Pedro.

At Pane & Cioccolato you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, a vegan meal or a fabulous Italian dinner.

La Soberana ice cream shop has been offering its ice cream since 1996. Traditional hand made Ice cream. Also without sugar.

Come to Giolatto Marbella and enjoy our signature ice creams, prepared on a daily basis, to always guarantee freshness and flavor.

El Piave has a long tradition in the manufacture of home made ice cream. But not only ice cream is what this cafe offers. Cakes, pies, salty and sweet crepes, sandwiches, croissants, cookies and various delicatessens are some of the products to…