Registered Population of Marbella increases over 150,000

Registered Population of Marbella increases over 150,000

Latest census shows that officially registered population in Marbella has exceeded the number of 150,000 and the city is already the seventh most populated in Andalusia, ahead of three provincial capitals: Huelva, Cádiz and Jaén.

The municipal register has reached 152,000 residents, having achieved a growth rate of more than seven percent in the last two years. This growth will be translated in access to more economic funds for the city, both for the Participation in State Revenue (PIE) and in the taxes of the Autonomous Community.

Although it is estimated that the real population of Marbella during most of the year oscillates around 200,000 people, according to parameters such as water consumption, bank accounts or the generation of waste, in 2018 the municipal register listed 142,000 inhabitants. Since then, there has been a growth close to 10,000 residents.

Among the reasons behind this growth is an active registration campaign promoted by the City Council. Another reason is the proximity of the ‘Brexit’ deadline. With the UK leaving the EU, British citizens are in need of regularizing their situation in Spain and the first step to do so is to register in their municipality of residence. The ‘Brexit’, as explained by the mayor, has had an “undulating effect.” At the beginning, after the result of the referendum in favor of the exit, there was a loss of British registrations, but in recent months there has been a substantial change in the opposite direction.

The Mayor highlighted the positive impact that increase in population and the surpassing of the barrier of 150,000 will have on the economic income of the City Council.